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hi, i'm new with arduino. I've just got my board, connected a led to pin 12 with a 1kohm resistor and loaded a code to turn on the led. But when the program starts the led starts to blink all the time. Is this normal?
if i connect the led to pin 13 and turn it on, the on board led turns on and stays like that, but the led connected to the pin blinks. i don't know if this is normal. how do u do to have a non-blinking led?

thank you for your help


There are self-blinking LED's out there. Any chance you got one of those? Do you know where you got the LED from?

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1kohm is too much for a led. for blue, white and green leds use a 100ohm. for other colors and low brightness use 220ohm.


1kohm is too much for a led.

No, 1Kohm is probably fine.   In fact, the LED on the Arduino's Pin 13 has a series 1Kohm.
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thanks. i tracked back the series number of the led and found out its a blinking led.

thank you very much for the help :)

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