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(I am a beginner to IoT, and any resources that would help me with this project is much appreciated)

1. I want to create a web app that will run an HTML/JS game (it's a target pursuit game that collects reaction time for test subjects).
2. I want to control a reward system with the Arduino UNO WiFi Rev 2 (LED cue, for example).

What I've done so far:
So I followed the WiFiNINA tutorial, and was able to create an Access Point  and turn on and off an LED by clicking the link. I was wondering if I can host a webpage that is stored in my computer (eventually a tablet where I will present this game to subjects) on an arduino server, and send POST requests to the server to control the LED. The game file is bigger than the memory on my board, and I was hoping to do this without having to get an SD shield or additional components.

Thanks in advance for the help! I'm sorry if I have a very vague understanding of browser networking and networked objects.


I don't think this is an IoT matter. The "I" stands for Internet.


yes it is possible. the page can make requests to arduino over xmlhttprequest object
You can't write an Arduino sketch if you didn't learn programming. Not the language, but the concepts of programming - algorithms and data types.


Is there going to be a proper WiFi network available to your tablet as well as the arduino?  If so you can host your HTML/JS elsewhere and just make requests to the device

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