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Hi, new member here.

I'd like to interface a SIM800C to an Arduino UNO as a tracking device whereby upon receipt of a text/sms the Arduino responds with a GPS location.

I have found there are 2 types of SIM800 boards on eBay and would like to ask are there any major differences between them that would make either one unsuitable for the above project.

I can post ebay links but wasn't sure external url's are allowed on this forum so I will just quote the listing numbers.

The 2 examples are ebay item 192523454861 and item 263774597312. Is the *312 item a simplified version of the *861 ? And will the larger antenna on the *861 make it easier to connect to the GPS signal ?

Apologies for a basic question, as I said I am a newbie to Arduino

thank you


As long as they aren't posted to spam, links on the forum are welcome as they make it easier for us to provide assistance. When you post links, please make them clickable with the chain links icon on the toolbar.

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