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I am building a eco-friendly recycling bin that navigates itself around my school and efficiently recycles paper-waste. I need a prewritten algorithm in Arduino to determine the shortest path from one point to another with weighted, undirected segments. I know about Dijkstra's Algorithm and A*, but I'm greatly struggling to make a program myself. Does anyone know of a preexisting one or have the capability to create one themselves for me? Thank you very much.  :)


On this part of the forum, we don't write code, rather we help people solve problems with existing code.

Consider posting your request on the Gigs and Collaborations forum section, and be prepared to pay for the help.


algorithm in Arduino
Algorithms by definition are not "in" any language (if by "in Arduino" you mean in the language used to program an Arduino).

And your subject refers to ALGORITHM.

So it's not 100% clear to me (but it might just be me) if you want an algorithm (the logical steps laid out somehow so that you can write the code based on that description) or if you want code.

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