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He Guys,

I want to start a project with arduino. First time i will use the arduio, i have a technical background. So the programming and connect every i except no big problem. But i see there ar many options for arduino when you look at different boards etc. So i hope you guys can point me in the good direction for what to buy.

What i want is, a arduino board with ethernet connection, wifi and gsm module. And of course I/O AI/AO.

But the most important thing is, i want that i can program(changes) the arduino over the internet.
And make a simple interface through website or app, to start(over internet) a pump or see status of a pump etc etc. The gsm module will be used to alarm to my phone.

What can you advice me on the hardware?
And what about the software, program over the internet, control over the internet, simply website/app to start a pump or etc.

Hopefully you can help me out.

Already thanks.


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