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did Arduino ide stop working with Chinese Arduino boards


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No, it still works with them.

Did you install drivers for the serial chip they use? (typically ch340g or CP2102). These are not included with the IDE.

Old boards based on counterfeit FT232RL from a couple of years ago don't work anymore, but that's because of FTDI's actions to make the counterfeit chips not work with the windows drivers (which they push updates of through windows update - search 'ftdigate' for more info).
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They released a new driver not too long after "FTDIgate" that doesn't do the "bricking" of counterfeit FT232. So the only people still affected are the ones whose FT232s had their PID changed to 0x0000 while the mean driver was installed. There is a tool supplied by FTDI you can use to change the PID back to 0x6001. There are also alternate drivers you can use to support the "bricked" FT232 with the bad PID.

Later, there was a Hackaday article that claimed the new driver causes the counterfeit FT232 to occasionally send a message, but I've never experienced this nor seen any mention of it since the article:
Perhaps it was quickly reverted with a new driver update?

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