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I am running IDE and also 1.9Beta and when I use Marlin bugfix1.1. with #define SDSUPPORT the verify fails with , if I comment it out runs clean.

Error while detecting libraries included by C:\Users\jrold\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_984514\sketch\Sd2Card.cpp

looking into the build sketch folder I see the file Sd2Card.cpp , I have the SD library latest ( from SD.1.2.3.zip ) . I cannot find a reason for this eror , any help or guidance on how to analize this error will be appreciated.

Thank you



I have seen this message in the output before. All I know is that it comes from here:

I don't believe this is any cause for concern. The compilation still passes. I would disregard it.

It looks like this is related to caching compiled libraries. The Arduino IDE attempts to do this in order to make subsequent compilations faster. Interestingly, I notice the error does not appear on subsequent compilations. This makes me think that the library is being successfully cached.


Thank you pert for the quick reply, I also noticed sometimes the second compilation works and the compile works OK in spite of the error , but as I am trying to make an SD card work and this error appears I thought it may had something to do with my problem, your reply clears it, thank you.

The fact that is repeatable seemed to indicate a problem was on my setup but now I am happy...



You're welcome. I'm glad if I was able to be of assistance.

Sorry I can't give you a more definitive answer about what this error message means. Perhaps someone else here with more knowledge of the inner workings of arduino-builder will be able to educate us both.


It might be because the software you're using is Beta, but I am not familiar with this problem.


Perhaps someone else here with more knowledge of the inner workings of arduino-builder will be able to educate us both.
Like who? You're our resident expert on that kind of thing!
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Haha! I only understand the outer workings of the Arduino IDE and arduino-builder. Sadly, they are just black boxes to me. I know that if you poke the box like so and so it does such and such, but I have only taken the briefest journeys into the actual code over the years.

As I mentioned to DrAzzy before, I don't have much interest in adding Java and Go to the list of programming languages I'm incompetent at using. I'd rather put that time and energy towards becoming less incompetent in the languages already on the list.

However, I am now taking a deeper dive into the world of Arduino so it might end up being being necessary to go there regardless of my preferences in the matter. I can imagine a lot worse things to spend my time on.

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