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I refuse to look up the definition because it will remove the much more entertaining mental image:

What exactly is an "Omniphobic Material"?   

'Today we saw a demonstration of Freakoutium, the metal that our patented Panic-O-Meter operates on.  The United States Department of Homeland Security has expressed interest.'
Haha... I never thought of that. I've gotta take a moment to give you the lol for that: LOL! A Panic-O-Meter. xD

Had a lot of trouble trying to play the video... video would play in MPC-HC, but garbled audio. Why wasn't this just posted to YouTube like every other video on the 'net? =P Seems cool enough to be a popular video, but no good if nobody can watch it, haha... I re-encoded it to x264 using Handbrake and it plays now... any objections to posting it on YouTube for the world to see? It looks awesome!! So entertaining seeing it click away with each little sphere of water, never seen anything like it...


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Well, the original Panic-O-Meter depended upon a biological sensor.  It was analog and rather subjective.  Perhaps you've heard of the "Sphincter Scale"?

That really is a cool device you made there.  Sitting here thinking about how some parts might be adaptable to the poor-man's wall plotter I'm messing with...


what is volume of the drops?

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