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I know I must be missing something... but can anyone tell me which version of the Arduino IDE supports Firmata2.0beta3? I tried 022, 018, 016, 015, 011.. It seems to work with 011, but that one doesn't support my ATmega328 -.-
What I get with all of the others is lots of errors when trying to compile. Like so:
Code: [Select]
In file included from StandardFirmata.cpp:18:
/Users/valerie-francoisevogt/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Firmata/Firmata.h:61: error: typedef 'callbackFunction' is initialized (use __typeof__ instead)
/Users/valerie-francoisevogt/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Firmata/Firmata.h:61: error: 'byte' was not declared in this scope
/Users/valerie-francoisevogt/Documents/Arduino/libraries/Firmata/Firmata.h:61: error: expected primary-expression before 'int'

I know the newer Firmatas work, but I need this one for interfacing with vvvv...

Any hints highly appreciated. I know it must be some stupid mistake of mine..

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