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Arduino based RCX 2.0 Programmer to be used with lejosfirmdl.exe as a substitute for the Lego IR Tower. Incredible simple hardware design with zero soldering. I made it to upload HaikuVM and LeJOS firmware and programs to the RCX 2.0 (also known as Lego Brick).

Download the sketch from here.

Hardware part list
  • Arduino (I have a Yun)
  • IR LED (I used SFH-409)
  • IR Receiver (I used a TSOP 31236)

See the assembled design:

See the Programmer in action:

Hardware layout for the RCX Programmer
Code: [Select]

Pin usage IR LED and TSOP for 950nm and 38kHz carrier:

 IR-LED:SFH-409                 TSOP 31236
 cathode  anode
    -       +          Data           VCC   GND
    |       |            |             |     |
    |       |            |             |     |
    |       |            |             |     |
    |       |            |             |     |
            |            |             |     |
    9      10           11     12     13    GND


I guess similar TSOPs with 950nm and 38kHz carrier will do as well.

Any source code enhancements/solutions are welcome to make it full duplex or create a 38khz carrier signal based on interrupts or PWM.


I made it and worked great on Windows 7 64bit with BricxCC! Thanks...

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