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dear experts dear friends,

i am starting a project - Arduino-izing Lego Technic - and now i need some ideas for a car / vehicle  to choose.

This project starts out as a quest to find a way to combine ease of Lego Technic chassis building with cheap commodity electronics to motorize and remote control it.

i am looking for a car / vehicle that is able to work for this. This could be a simple chassis too:


This should be a part of a robotics workshop and therefore I need a Lego-based platform for younger kids who grew up with Lego but cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars to buy power functions,
Lego motors, IR remote, and EV3. Thanks to numerous examples on the net and several and Youtube tutorials on integrating Arduino with Lego. I will try to start out with an interesting example.

starting point; the kids should be able to complete this project with a small budget and I hope to incorporate this into my robotics workshop in the future.

the main thing is: i need to have the rear axle to be attached to a single N20 motor to move the kart forward and reverse via a TB6612FNG motor driver. Front steering can be  controlled by an SG90 servo motor.

Remote control should be able to be accomplished by a cheap IR remote/receiver solution based on

a. Arduino
b. Zigbee
c. bluetooth

I understand that IR remote thing /(and the method ) is pretty hard part toimplement and learn about a remote control system so it was a perfect option for this car.

since this is just a proof-of-concept project and the design follows function  - i need to have an idea

the main question is: which Lego  car to choose?

btw: what about Lego Technic-8071 - the Service Truck!?

what would you suggest?

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