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So, I'm helping out with a pinewood derby race and our plan for using some expensive race timing equipment went south. Instead of eyeballing the races I was thinking of using the arduino but I have only the requirements that need to be met.

- start timing as the manual release is set off
   I was thinking of using a type of break connection switch using two plates of metal that will come apart as the release falls
- stop times with cars trip the laser
  There are tutorials in several places, I should be fine here
- display times
   I have figured whether what would be the best method yet
- log time to a file for disputes
   I'm looking up tutorials on how to store data so hopefully I'll be fine here.

I guess what I'm really looking for here is guidance from those that have done things like this. Any constructive help is welcomed


A part of the sketch might be my Stopwatch class which supports lap times - called value() - and can be instantiated multiple times.
See - http://www.arduino.cc/playground/Code/StopWatchClass - for details
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