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Here's how you can find your previous posts:
  • Hover the mouse pointer over your avatar in the top right corner of any arduino.cc page.
  • Click "Profile".
  • Click "Forum Settings > Edit".
  • Click "Show Posts".


I bookmark all the Threads that I start and any other Post (mine or another's) that might be useful in future.

Two or three hours spent thinking and reading documentation solves most programming problems.


every week someone ask this question. 4 threads back in Website section is the answer which duplicates the answer two post back from it

You can't write an Arduino sketch if you didn't learn programming. Not the language, but the concepts of programming - algorithms and data types.


To add, there is "messages" (that you posted) and there is "topics" (that you started) when you follow pert's instructions in reply #1

all your messages
all topics you started
If you understand an example, use it.
If you don't understand an example, don't use it.

Electronics engineer by trade, software engineer by profession. Trying to get back into electronics after 15 years absence.

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