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I'm trying to play multiple sounds (at lease 2) with my DFPlayer.
It seems to be impossible, so i try to wire 2 DFPlayers and connect each SPK to my speakers but i don't know if it's very safe and after few tests, it "works" but sounds seems lowered.

There is my wiring in attachment (yes, i know, i love mspaint ^^)
I only need to play files, that's why DFPlayer Tx isn't wired.

I'm an electronic beginner, can you tell me if i'm doing something wrong, and if it is, how can i achieve my goal ?

Thank you !


Never connect speaker outputs together, you will damage the audio output stage of the player.
You are best only using one speaker from each player.

Or you can put the speaker signals through a mixer, lots of simple mixer circuits using an op amp. Then you will need a power amplifier to drive a set of speakers.

Alternatively use a player that can output two sounds at once.



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Thank you Grumpy_Mike for your answer, i'll chek it !

Edit : wav trigger seems nice but a lot expensive.

"lots of simple mixer circuits using an op amp" can i ask you some schematics or buy link ?

I found this :
Is it ok ?


This is more like the thing
Stereo volume control chip:-

The NE602 is just a general purpose op amp you can use it to make circuits like this one:-

The other one, well you don't want 50 of them do you. Coudn't tell much about it because of the language.


Ok thank you, i'll try the PGA2311.

I was searching for audio mixing exemple and i found one

It's a 1k resistor in serial of each R and L channels before joining them.
Does it works without damage components ?


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Does it works without damage components ?
Moot point. There is a degree of protection from the resistors and it is certainly better than just joining the two outputs together. But you can't say definitively if it does without a full analysis of the amplifier driving it.

My hunch is that it will be OK.


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Ok, thank you !
I think i'll go on this for the moment.
This is the ampli
And this is the real complet wiring

Thank you for your time !

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