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I have a dozen or so units on trial in the field and despite doing all the latest firmware updates (to 1.1.9) I still have problems with the modules crashing and becoming unresponsive.

It seems a random error, but normally after 2-3 weeks of normal operation they go offline and I have to go and physically reboot the MKRs on site after which they run as normal.

Its a very simple app which sleeps for 4 hrs (using ArduinoLowPower.h library) and then sends in its own battery voltage and goes back to sleep and if it doesn't get a response from my app does a self reboot after 11 loops (x 4hrs). I get the same problem whether I reboot or not.

Vcc is still around 2.8/2.9V before they disappear. I am using Multitech Conduits (v 1.6.4) running the standard packet forwarder to TTN with a 24hr self reboot to keep them alive. (A different problem).

So my questions are:-

1) does anyone experience similar instabilities with the MKRWAN or ArduinoLowPower libraries

2) is there a better LoRa library than the standard one?

3) has anyone run a live field app for more than 3 months with 100% uptime?

Any help or thoughts appreciated as I have run out of ideas!



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1) I have some difficulties with downlinks when using ABP but apparently nothing more.

2) last time I asked for possibly using LMIC, it seemed is not easily feasible.

3) On TTN one user reported very long running times. However, without sleeping. I have too one running from December, but in testing I may have rebooted a couple of times (but is definitely running for more than 2 weeks, counter is at 17465; not sure if with sleep or not, I think with sleep). Another one I have had some stop but due to a bad contact of the temperature sensor (DHT22). If you have sensors attached, I would also check them.

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