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might create another thread asking for help eye balling the code for errors
Then you first have to find incorrect behaviour, figure out how to reproduce this, and post the full details in the forum.
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yes and i spoke to soon on the false counting

it seems better thou and its reduced to max 1 tip count every 24 hours, thou i have to monitor it over a few days


small update, it seems that the nano and prob. all mcu's in general are very noise sensitive, or i have a lot of noise where i initial tested

it has now been outside since my last post, but the tipping bucket is still blocked from tipping but connected

not a single count yet


only problem left now is that temps are a bit off

at -18C they are correct
@ 5C it shows as 11C
@ 24C it shows as 26C

i do plan to test at a bit higher temp but i need to plan in advance

but what is the best way to "correct" for the difference?

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