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Hey folks,

I'd like to present the solution I developped to regulate and monitor my pool.

The full project can be found here:


Brief description:

Three main metrics are measured and periodically reported over MQTT and an LCD screen: water temperature, PH and ORP values.

Pumps states, tank-level states and other paramters are also periodically reported.
Two PID regulation loops are running in parallel: one for PH, one for ORP.

PH is regulated by injecting Acid from a tank into the pool water (a relay starts/stops the Acid peristaltic pump).
ORP is regulated by injecting Chlorine from a tank into the pool water (a relay starts/stops the Chlorine peristaltic pump).
Defined time-slots and water temperature are used to start/stop the filtration pump for a daily given amount of time (a relay starts/stops the filtration pump).
A lightweight webserver provides a simple dynamic webpage with a summary of all system parameters. An XML file with more info is available at http://ARDUINO_LOCAL_IP/Info.
Communication with the system is performed using the MQTT protocol over an Ethernet connection to the local network/MQTT broker.


It looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!
Loulou74's pictures:


Thanks Pert (and wow, that's a *large* Git you have)
I did not know we could integrate the pics intot he posts, thank you


wow, that's a *large* Git you have
I've done a lot of pull requests this year! Unfortunately some people are very slow to merge them so I have a big collection of forks.

I did not know we could integrate the pics intot he posts
It's a little more tricky than it ought to be. Here's a guide for how to do it:


Hello Folks,

Small update on my pool-monitoring system.

- code now directly compiles for both Controllino or Arduino Mega2560 hardwares. Simply select the hardware you have in the IDE prior to compiling.

- example below of an integration of the system into a cloud-based smartphone app (Blynk) via Mosquitto and NodeRed.

- new LCD screens with added water pressure monitoring

Happy Spring

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