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I'm creating 6dof manipulator. For this purpose I drew kinematic diagram and described it with D-H parameters (file attached). Unfortunately i don't have much experience in this.

Can anyone check my sketch and confirm its correctness?

thanks in advance :)


Can anyone check my sketch and confirm its correctness?
Surely the best way to check a sketch is to see if it

  • compiles, and then
  • does what you want when you run it?


For all we know he might not have even built the manipulator's hardware yet. Seeing if the code compiles, and uploading to an arduino for basic testing in some sort of dummy rig(replace motors with LEDs or something, remember to use protective resistors, have input lines giving faked equivalents of what sensors should be feeding in, perhaps use other arduinos to fake being sensors until the real sensors are ready) is good for testing for logic flaws in the program's structure, but I think this question might be a matter of checking if some kinematics equations he has derived are the appropriate equations to implement in the code.

I don't see a sketch attached in which to check any equations.


Outside of arduino world, sketch = drawing.

I would not claim to be an expert but the frame positions looks correct to me and the parameters too, with the exception of the angles all being the negative of what I would use. E.g. using right hand rule, point thumb along z axis and the curl of the fingers gives the positive direction of rotation, but perhaps you are using a different convention?

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