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Nice - just got round to watching the video - yeah seems to work pretty well :)

My name's Rob Whitfield - mention me wherever you like - the code was simple enough to do, just happy to help.


Great, I'll put credit up on my website then which the tutors will see.

I got round to casting the final eyes on Tuesday and build the final rig yesterday, here's a video with movement which I'm happy with. I'll post again when they're in the Brownie at the degree show on the 21st.



Shouldn't that right hand eye have the servo horn connection one further across?

I'll post again when they're in the Brownie at the degree show on the 21st.

I'll no doubt have forgotten all about it by then :)


Which connection, the one that attaches the horns together or the one that connects to the eye?
I moved the eye connection one over on the right before the video because it was slanting from the eye.


Ahh I see - yes that one. The right eye doesn't move quite as much as the left one with the connection in a different place.


Is that because of that connection or because the servo arm is screwed into a wooden base and therefore wobbly and rubbish?
I'll have another fiddle tomorrow and see if I can fix it, but the mould for the head failed yesterday and I had to resculpt the head again tonight so at the moment now that the rig's more or less done I'm happy to leave it not moving as much haha. There's attention to detail for you..


Well as the connection is further into the middle of the servo horn, the amount it moves when the servo turns is less than if it was on the outer connection.


Hey, congratulations, your animatronic eyes are awesome! I'm trying to do something like what you did, but I'm not sure about one thing:

Right behind the eye, what kind of part do you use to hold it? I mean, besides servos, it has to have something holding the eye... How did you do that?

Can you upload a photo showing the mechanism from behind?


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