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I want to share my recent project ArduBadge.

ArduBadge is a free and open source website that gives you custom GitHub "badges" for your Arduino Libraries.

It shows users:
  • That the library is available on the Arduino IDE (Library Manager).
  • It shows what is the latest version available.
  • Clicking on the badge open a custom installation guide! Explaining how to install the library with the Library Manager or using a ZIP file.

For new users it provides simple and uniform installation guide, and for experienced users it's a quick way to know that the library can be installed from the IDE.

I hope you will find this tool usefull, check out the website: https://www.ardu-badge.com/
View source code and examples on GitHub: https://github.com/gilmaimon/ArduBadge

If you like the idea, add the badge to your own library or suggest it to a library you use. Also if you like it, give it a star on GitHub so more users will notice it.

Ideas, suggestions and opinions are very welcomed.
Thank You!

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