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Jan 28, 2019, 12:47 pm Last Edit: Feb 20, 2019, 10:12 pm by robotedh Reason: +++NEW: this robot is now also connected to my Mobile via BLE Bluetooth.
+++NEW: this robot is now also connected to my Mobile via BLE Bluetooth.

My Robot is controlled by the Arduino MEGA2560.
Quite all the features of the MEGA2560 are used: 3 Serial interfaces, I2C, SPI, PWM, ADC and 2 interrupts. This is why I have chosen the MEGA2560 which offers such large number of interfaces. But note that MEGA2560 is a little bit limited regarding the interrupts because 4 of the 6 interrupts are not available if I2C and Serial2 are used.
The only features missing in the MEGA2560 are WIFI and Bluetooth connections. For this purpose I have added one nRF52832 for BLE Bluetooth and one ESP8266 for WIFI. The Bluetooth manages the commands received from the user interface running on my Mobile Android, the second one WIFI send data and pictures to a Raspberry PI.

What is the purpose of this Robot? Nothing J except to discover plenty of devices around the Arduino eco system and build a communication protocol between Android, nRF52832, ESP, Arduino and PI.

Seriously this robot is able to process several commands, to run independently, to detect environmental changes and then send alerts and pictures to the Raspberry PI.

For its part, the PI stores the data into text files and MySQL Database, and sends them via email.

The devices used are:
  • 1 nRF52832
  • 1 ESP8266
  • 4 motors
  • 2 H-bridges
  • 2 Contact sensors
  • Sharp IR
  • Servo for IR
  • 3ToF
  • Compass
  • LCD
  • RGB led
  • Buzzer
  • Camera
  • Tilt&Pan servos for Camera
  • SD Card
  • RTC
  • Brightness sensor
  • Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • Sound sensor

All the details are in the doc attached


unfortunately the doc can't be opened by Word (no file legitimacy)


strange you can't open the file because i can open it on my mobile and my pc
maybe an isuue with the size 10M, i will reduce the size of the picture
i will xheck also the word version


now surprisingly opening the doc works! Thank you!


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