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Hello Community,

So I'm very new to Arduino. I have experience with Microchip PicKits and coding in C language but I'm currently working on a project with an Ardiuno Mega and I must admit I'm feeling quite clueless on how to go about doing this!!

I have a printed strain sensor array of 5 strain sensors. I need to create a program that will read the voltage from the sensors, convert the reading into voltage and then use that to calculate the resistance.

From there I need to make a look up table where by the Arduino will know that if sensors A and B are exceeding X amount of flexion, then a buzzer will sound. I'm sorry if this is not very clear but I was wondering if anyone had any helpful information on how I could get started on this, how to create a look up table array and measure the independent sensors to determine if the buzzer should go off. If one sensor alone creates excessive flexion, no buzzer should sound but if a combination of sensors next to each other are in flexion within a specified range, a buzzer should sound. 

Any help at all would be extremely useful with code examples!Thank you so much to anyone who can help me get my head around this!


More information on those strain sensors and this voltage you expect to read from them would be a very good start.
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The HX711 load-cell amp breakouts may be useful for this.  What sort of strain guages are these?
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