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I am trying to trigger a digital pin on My arduino atmeg32u4, when i receive a Midi Machine Control(MMC) Message from a recording softare (DAW) on my computer. I have researchead and i need to use the recording signal and the stop signal. I havent foun any good documentation on the arduino USB Midi library, so i dont know what function to use to read such a  MMC message.

The structure of the signal is like this:

Midi F0 7F deviceID 06 command F7

01 Stop
06 Record Strobe (Punch In)
07 Record Exit (Punch out)

This is the library i am usign: https://github.com/arduino-libraries/MIDIUSB

I cant find a good reference for this library, so if anyone's got a link to one i'll apreciate very much.



The message starts with 0xF0 and ends with 0xF7 so it is a sysex message. Setup a callback function for sysex messages.



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