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Hello everyone:))
I'm new to this forum
I apologize for my English, I used google translation.
I have no background in programming, so I'm asking for help in programming code for a project I'm building for fishing purposes.
The idea is this:
I built a torpedo that was launched into the water
On the front of the torpedo is a gyroscope and a rudder connected to the Servo motor.
The moment I set the torpedo in the direction I want
And turn on the system
The rudder will always try to keep the direction I wanted from the start
In fact, the pid will take the data of the initial direction from the gyroscope and try to fix the rudder to the starting point.
Wave and sea currents should be considered
I would be happy to receive any help in programming the code (from beginning to end)
I added a picture that illustrates the idea
Thank you very much:))


Someone on this forum built one of those things (I forgot what they are called) about 2 years ago. Maybe search can find something.
Electronics and firmware/software design and assistance. No project too small


You want to put the thing in the water, turn it on, and have it move forward, maintaining its initial orientation, without telling you anything, like "Hey, I hit a sand bar" or "Man, there are fish everywhere here".

I'll bite. Why? What is the purpose of the deaf and mute device?
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