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Hi guys. I am the admin of www.gioblu.com a very active italian arduino, electronics and robotics community.
We are working on a new IDE, that we call ArduOpen, that is published on github here:
Is a completly open repository everyone could do a pull request and propose something.

The goal of our project is to broaden the Arduino community by giving noobs the possibility to use many ATtiny, AT9 and ATmega family MCU's, and to the skilled ones a place where they can put their stuff they want to share with the community. For this reason with the help of Martino DiFilippo (grandmaster coder) we create for you a new board menu style, that enables to use a very big number of AVR MCU's. We modify a little the theme, colors, syntax highliting and icons for a fancy and good looking IDE.

In the compiled Linux version 0023 ( https://github.com/gioblu/ArduOpen/blob/master/arduino-0023.tgz ) you can find our new icons, styling, theme and a fresh new board menu subdivision that helps to avoid out of screen list bug, and permits to categorize automatically the boards.txt content in 3 categories, ATmega, ATtiny and AT9 family MCU's. For this reason any new add in boards.txt will be automatically categorized in the board submenus.

The issue now is to add the work of this guys: http://www.avr-developers.com/
Here you can find a Huge list of Arduino compatible MCU's portings, 59 I think O_O
We found around the web something else (around 10 other interesting ports) but this is the biggest part of what we want to add for now...
The problem is:  this modifications provided are based on 0020 version, for this reason we need to isolate the guys adds and unify that with our 0022 based distribution.

The future ideas are:
-include all libraries and related examples
-try to build a built in graphycal visualizer for Serial monitor

The possibilities are many, we know that this could go against synaptic repository system proposed by Arduino Team with playground, but looking at the size of IDE, we think is much better to include all interesting things (libraries also) built by users inside IDE, saving users from searching and installing time loss.
Come in git, give your contribute, get involved!!

(as you can see the version, this is an old screenshot, but the theme is still like this)

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