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Hello Community!

I have just released my Arduino Button Library on Git Hub and had it listed in the Library Manager within the Arduino IDE!

I built it as an all in one, easy to use, button library so you can focus on your other code!

I'm posting here to actively share something I am very proud of and also create a forum to welcome feedback and suggestions for improvement.

The Library can be downloaded from the Arduino Library Manager by Searching "LogansButtonLibrary"

Or you can view the project with the read me on GitHub here: https://github.com/LoganTraceur/LogansGreatButton

I super eager to see how you like my work and open to any feedback and improvement you guys can think of.

For example, There has to be a better way to do the callbacks and contractors  :smiley-wink:


Heres a Quick Preview of the GitHub Readme for those who just came for a quick look

An all in one, easy to use, powerful, self contained button library so you can focus on your other code!

1. Features
2. Example Screenshot
3. Flow Chart

1. Features

  • Debouncing
  • Avoids Delays so it never stops your code
  • Super easy to use. Decide what happens at each event and place your code in that method
  • Easily provide user response to events and then only commit to the action code once a Release events is activated!

Captures the beginning and end so you can create a intuative and responsive experience.

  • Short Clicks
  • Long Clicks
  • Hold
  • and Shifts
  • Multi clicks!

Easily separate the user response at the start of an event from the code that runs when you know the button type. No more having to undo the effects of a short click when the button is held down.

Want your device to buzz in a haptic response at the start of every button click, and then beep so your user knows when a long press has started.

All the power in an easy to use package!

Follow this Github link here to see the 2. Example code and  3. A Colourful flowchart  ;)


Thanks for sharing! I did a quick review of the library structure and metadata. I can almost always find some problem of this sort with any new library, but not this time. Nice work!


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