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Basic question
Started installing, Found the first example Blink
tested it while connecting to the UNO R3 board light blinks but when I try to upload the file as instructed, I get Invalid Library found in C:\Users\James\Documents\Arduino|Libraries\led_blink; no header files (.h) found in C:\Users...
Can someone please help this newbie to get started
thank you


Is that the entirety of the messages shown? Please post *all* of the output when you attempt to upload, not just part of one line.

Also, did you copy it correctly? I would expect it to be reporting invalid library found in C:\Users\James\Documents\Arduino\Libraries\led_blink not C:\Users\James\Documents\Arduino|Libraries\led_blink

Invalid Library is normally a warning, not an error, and does not normally interfere with compilation/uploads. In this case, you have something that is not a library located in that location. Is that where you saved your sketch? If so, that would indeed cause a warning, because that location is reserved for libraries, not sketches. (the sketch folder would normally be saved to C:\Users\James\Documents\Arduino (eg, C:\Users\James\Documents\Arduino\name_of_sketch )
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