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Hello Guys,

I have a new chip to use for some smart controlling system application. And I need the ADC(analog to digital converter) library function. However, my new chip doesnt have this. So is there an online open source where I can find this header file? 



Don't you think it would help if you told us what new chip you want to use?

Also tell us what your smart controlling system application is all about. It is much easier to give useful advice when we understand the context.

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However, my new chip doesnt have this.
If your chip doesn't have an analog to digital converter, then a header file that uses that converter will be useless.
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The project is about developing a small wearable patch sensor for thermal comfort prediction based on wrist temperature and automatic control of Air Conditioner based on the predicted value using BLE module. In one part of this wearable patch I used a Simblee chip(which has both SimbleeCOM and ADC as builtin libraries) for thermal sensor and BLE module.

But this chip is now out of market, and also its size is relatively bigger than the new chip I am about to use.

And here is the datasheet for the new chip(EKSHSN TAIYO YUDEN): https://www.yuden.co.jp/wireless_module/document/evbmanual2/TY_BLE_EYSHSN_EVBManual_V1_2_20180530.pdf
I want to code/upload these libraries to this chip using SEGGER Embedded Studio.



So NOT an Arduino chip then . . . See where this is going. . . .
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A web search for "Nordic nRF52832 adc  library" (that's the chip used on your module) turns up quite a few hits.  (mostly "how do I get this to work" and "why isn't there an easy-to-use library" questions on the Nordic forums.  But on the bright side, it seems that there is a relatively active Nordic forum that would be a good place to ask this question,

I sympathize with your plight of having designed a project around hardware (and libraries) that has been discontinued.  I have some simblees, and ... I could tell you stories about much larger projects with much larger vendors :-(

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