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First post on here :o  mods if this is in the wrong forum please move/close( forgive me I'm new)

Very new to the idea of Arduino in general. I know you add stuff for the board, and if coded properly it does what is supposed to allegedly. Im an equipment tech by trade can rebuild a diesel engine blindfolded, have an understanding basics of electronics but never build anything electronics wise.

My project is thus:
I want to have a set of soft white LED strips turn on and play the "heavenly gates" sound effect every time I open a drawer, basically from what I understand I need an arduino uno, some sort of SD card adapter some strip lights, various resistors, a speaker and a switch, all running off of a from what I understand 9V battery, I will also be 3d printing an enclosure to hide the assembly and make it as compact as possible.

Literally any direction will be helpful, I know this is likely super simple, just need to know where to start. what parts to get, things like that.


Welcome to the forum.

I know this is likely super simple, just need to know where to start.
Ok but this is not a super simple project, I would class it as intermediate / hard. This is because you have several elements that all need to be right.

You need to tell more information, like
How long is this sound effects?
How many LEDs do you want to have?
Are these LEDs a strip or individual ones?
How do you propose to detect the draw has been opened?

If the 9V battery is the type used in smoke alarms then it will not have sufficed current capability for this task. It is rather like trying to turn over a starter motor using a handful of AA batteries. But until we know the above details it is hard to be specific about what you need.

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playing the sound: the Catalex YX-5300 is bone simple. put the file in the root folder, send the PLAY_WITH_INDEX command, the file plays. the card has its own TF card ( commonly called Micro SD ) slot.

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