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I am working on a project using an Adafruit Music Maker https://www.adafruit.com/product/1788, and an Arduino Due. I have it set up to play music files off of the built in SD card breakout.

My goal is to take my current device and have it send audio over Bluetooth to a headset. This, however, is hard. I have done a lot of reading and it is difficult to find Bluetooth breakouts with baud high enough to transmit high quality audio. So far I have:

Does anyone have any experience/preference to one or the other? Perhaps something else entirely? For the RN-52 I would either feed the codec chips outputs directly to the board and have it transmit. For the HM-10 something similar but from my understanding it would have to go through the Arduino again and that is not ideal as I am trying to save as much processing power as possible for other functions which is why I am leaning toward the RN-53. However, I might be wrong to think that.

Transmitted files range from 100mb to 4gb uncompressed.

Let me know if there is relevant information about the system I forgot to mention. I am open to all Bluetooth technology suggestions. Meanwhile I continue my search.

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