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Dear All,

I got two circuits almost the same,
both have Atmega328, crystal and some major parts to ISP program them.

one circuit is printed on two layers PCB and the other on four layers PCB

first one consumes no more than 20mA running simple blink sketch,
the other one consumes around 40-60mA !!!!

WHY ? is it because layering ?
I did the same for both.. same parts, same sketch, everything .. YET, one consume almost triple power!

please HELP !


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Layering should not affect consumption. Most likely reason - different components or/and schematic.


some major parts to ISP program them.
What are they, and what's different?
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I would guess that some component is not what you think it is, maybe a resistor is the wrong value for example. I suggest you check very carefully every component.


Both sketches share the following .
please view attachment

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