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Can you explain a little bit how it would work please ?
I can see an encoder shaft mounted on an adjustable arm that is spring loaded. A rubber tired wheel is attached to the other end of the encoder shaft so it is pressed against the cylinder. The spring on the arm keeps the tire pressed against the cylinder so both rotate together.

The cylinder and encoder should be part of a complete assembly  that is fastened into the lamp.



Not sure it would work on this scale,
By placing a spiral edge inside each cylinder ( maybe one on the inside axis of the bottom cylinder and the other along the inside edge of the top , you might be able to focus two TOF sensors upwards and measure the change of distance due to the spiral as movement.

Would need to insert some filler that was optically transparent to the TOF sensor to hold the bottom cylinder to the axis.

As too the "button", you could place a load sensor as base of the cylinder / lamp contact so you can add a lot of "functionality" to not only pushing down, but how hard it's pushed down and even tell if the cylinders were being pressed inwards.

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