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I need a h-bridge for a motor, (say a 2-amp motor when under full load) but I don't know how to make a h-bridge with only NPN's tranistors...
also if the motor uses a max of 2-amps, but likely 250mA to 500mA under a typical amount of load,
what should the NPN trsanistors have as their amp rating if used in an H-bridge setup? (Typical & Absolute Max, Amps)

also can anyone provide me a NPN-Only H-bridge Shematic?

As always... Thanks for posting!!!



One of the requirements seems to be that you have a power rail higher than the motor drive voltage.  In the schematic above (found with a Google search for: "NPN Only" H-bridge) the motors are driven with 12v and an 18v supply provides the switching current for the transistors.
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You'll run a lot cooler if you use MOSFETs.

Or, you could just buy a motor shield.
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