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Can anyone help me create an alarm for the truck's diesel tank? Is there something like a linear alarm with a radius of 3 meters long and 40 centimeters of detection width? In order to detect a movement on the fuel filler tank or on the hoses in the tank?



Would you consider a fuel tank sensor like these? Only the float is in the tank, all the electronics are outside.
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My guess he wants to know before the level goes lower.
Drilling holes in the tank will certainly void a warranty.
How about security camera and with alarm output based on motion in specific area


I was in the same boat of requirements. Have not found any sensor as such that does the job. While searching I found out this sensor (https://www.ebay.com/itm/254206672470). Dont know if anyone has tried it?


Can anyone help me create an alarm for the truck's diesel tank?
It'd be a snap if you could hack into the truck's own fuel tank system.  If the engine's off and the fuel level is dropping...
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