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1."Rare Candy" played on even more rare electronic instrument

2.Build an automatic cat treat dispenser with Hummingbird

3.DoggoBot is an Arduino-controlled cardboard robotic pet

4.Teenage Maker builds his own Arduino drone


I'm Choi Se-yeon, the producer of educational videos organized by EBS in Korea.
I want to use the link data in the video. Is it possible to use it?
Please reply if it is available.


I can't speak for Arduino, but I doubt you'll get permission to use the blog content. However, I don't think that's even what you're looking for. If you want the content created by the makers of these projects, you will need to contact them directly. They don't have any formal affiliation with Arduino. They just submitted their projects to the Arduino blog to be written up and shared. Each blog post will have links you can follow to get to origin of the project creator's content, where you will likely find ways to contact them.

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