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I've been uploading sensor data from my Yun into a Google Drive spreadsheet via the Temboo API. Works great! Only problem is my free account is nearly exhausted for the month and I don't want to start paying for a subscription.

I'd like to find a similar service to Temboo but at no cost. I did checkout IFTTT.com, and they have a "trigger" that will upload from a URL and create a new Google Drive document file, but it creates a new file with every upload. I'm wanting to append a row to a file, preferably a spreadsheet.

If anyone knows of a open source / free service please let me know.



Try sparkfun.com , they are showing a service like that today on their website.
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I've been using GroveStreams for many months now, and it's by far the best such service I've seen. Less than 20 datastreams and less than 10K transactions/month are free. Rates for higher levels of service are very reasonable. It has very powerful and flexible data analysis and reduction capabilities, automation/alerts, charting, etc. Here are a few charts from a project I've been working on.


Thanks Robert. I did check out the new data.sparkfun.com but it publicly shares everything you upload. I'm nervous about the public having access to the temperature and barometric pressure in my basement ;)

Thanks Jack. I'll check out GroveStreams. Those are excellent charts and an interesting project you have.



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Update:  Thanks for the tip on GroveStreams Jack. I did get uploads working to their site and they have some very nice built-in graphs.

I tried two of their tutorials complete with scripts. A Python program in the Yun's Linux system. The uploads are working but I still need to have it grab the Arduino temp readings (already being written to the SD) so that some real data is uploaded.

I also found they have an Arduino temperature tutorial that runs on an Arduino with Ethernet shield, which I have. I got that one working too and it is uploading actual temperature data in both C and F. It took some adjustments of their code to use my I2C sensor and static IP, but not too bad,.



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@Jake, looking good there!. I've found GroveStreams to be very responsive to questions and issues. Bugs get fixed extremely quickly (I have found a few but I'd categorize all of them as minor or very minor) and emails from Mike Mills, the founder, are common. Mike is always looking to improve the service, and is genuinely interested in what users have to say, so don't hesitate to offer suggestions on the forum or via the email address on the support page.

Edit: I see you have °F and °C, that's a great example of the automation that GroveStreams offers. Only one of the two temperatures would need to be uploaded, then a derived stream could be created with the appropriate calculation.



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if you want to log and plot your data, consider also www.emoncms.org (from the www.openenergymonitor.org project)
You can use simply http get to upload your data, and on the emoncms platform you can choose which data save to log and build as many dashboard as you want, in which plot your data.

I wrote this guide a long time ago, it's in italian and it's focused on the Arduino UNO + Eth/wifi shield.
But you can see at the bottom of the guide how is easy to create a dashboard and plot your data:

It's really simple to use with Arduino Yun: basically you use HTTPClient.

EDIT: forgot to say that Emoncms is a cloud service, but it's 100% opensourced and you can download it and install on your own server:


Thanks for the suggestion. It's always good to have options and alternatives.



I wrote this guide a long time ago, it's in italian and it's focused on the Arduino UNO + Eth/wifi shield.

That's an extensive guide, nice job (Google Translate did a fair job on it).

Do you run your own copy, or do you use theirs?



That's an extensive guide, nice job (Google Translate did a fair job on it).

thanks  :)

Do you run your own copy, or do you use theirs?

if you are talking about the emoncms instance, i used both.
I use often the "cloud" emoncms to show how it works and how easy is to use, and i have actually a small dashbord there (my home office power consumption, temperature & humidity).

I used also an AWS instance for a while (the free tier year  :)), that ran very good.
I also tried to use it in free web hosting services (you need only http + php & mysql support), but in this case you have to limit the frequency of your GETs.


Check out this function: https://api.blockspring.com/pkpp1233/ea7d3948f28cc1f41126edc96514dd27.

Free and works well. Let me know if you need any help setting up - requires making an async curl call in the Yun since Blockspring doesn't have an official Arduino library yet.


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I haven't tried this one but you could take a look:



hey guys, if your still around, I'm I'm the process of developing something like temboo, for a project.
so I would let everyone use it until I have a pricing structure worked out.

I am 60% in development, the UI is complete, I am now just adding API's slowly.

I am combining https://market.mashape.com/onesoft/weather-by-ip with the popular API's tempo supports. What do you guys think, would I get help funding if I put this on a crowdfunding site.

What are your thoughts?


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which are free for home use (one data point 5 min) ?
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