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Feb 20, 2019, 11:04 am Last Edit: Feb 20, 2019, 11:07 am by feklee
For practice and for getting an idea about PCB assembly prices, I created Gerbers and a BOM. They are based on Sparkfun's Arduino Pro Mini board. I removed components that I don't need. See attachment for all files.

The Gerbers I exported using PCBWay_2 layer.cam. For the BOM I used the template that is linked from the article How to Build a BOM (Bill Of Materials) on pcbway.com. Still I am left with various questions:

  • What should I put at the top where it says xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxPCS BOM  (Sample Bill of Materials)?
  • Did I specify the capacitors and resistors correctly?
  • How does the manufacturer know in which direction to insert the polarized capacitors C13 and C19?
  • For the resonator, I guessed the package based on the spacing of the connections on the board: 3-SMD 0.126" L x 0.051" W (3.20mm x 1.30mm) Does that make sense?

Background: Eventually, I want to create my own boards for the network nodes in my project SAN. They would be built around an ATMega-328PB. I understand that I also need to add an interface for burning the firmware of the MCU. Anyhow, for making my own board, I want to learn KiCAD first.

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