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Hi everyone,

I am a student doing my practical/ major project for a home automation company, I require some help with the system I am designing to replace a discontinued device called the pronto. The system has to control audio/visual equipment via rs232 communication, the input signal will come from a KNX/ Zennio knx-rs232 device and feed into the arduino. The arduino will monitor the values coming with each value/address coming from the knx-rs232 device and send a corresponding output to the audio/visual equipment, the av equipment must send back a signal to state its current position. I currently have a max 232 and max 3322e chips, however I have not made much progress as hyperterminal is displaying symbols rather then values. I have tried changing the setting around in hyperterminal but no luck, any advice on how i could get this communication right? also is there any other way to do this. Any help will be greatly appreciated.



Generally speaking you need to post your aduino code for anybody to help you with it.
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