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Hi and thanks in advance

In my design tech class, my class was assigned to create a function device or appliance and create a 50 page report on how the device was made and how the device would sell in the current world market. I decided to create a device that can recognize and scan a thumb drive and then display on an LED display the amount of storage in the thumb drive and how much storage is not being used.

I currently have: 1 Arduino UNO, 1 Compatible LED display, a Arduino shield and a bunch of wires and spare components

I originally sketched out the idea of soldering a female USB port to the UNO then coding the UNO to analyze the inserted thumb drive and then display the information on to the LED display

Any tips and advice is greatly appreciated
Thank you ^_^


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That would be much better suited to something like a raspberry pi, which already has the usb hardware and available software to read most of the file systems you might encounter on a thumb drive.


You would need to be able to read the file system on the thumb drive. I don't know of any Arduino libraries to do this. I suspect the memory required exceeds the memory on most Arduinos.

Search for "Arduino USB Host". You might find something.
"The problem is in the code you didn't post."


how the device would sell in the current world market.
I can't comment on the techy stuff, but I don't see this being a world leader. I personally would have no need at all for a standalone flash drive analyser: just bung it in the laptop.


If it is as fast and convenient as a battery tester, I would buy one.
"The problem is in the code you didn't post."



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