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Feb 26, 2019, 05:42 pm Last Edit: Feb 26, 2019, 05:44 pm by zeroone
I have an MKR GSM 1400 with ethernet shield connected to it directly.
i'm powering the system using MeanWell (from 220 to 5volt "can be adjusted from 5 to I think 6 volt, i'm setting to 5.6 volt"), MeanWell (+) output to MKR ethernet shield "vin" and (-) to the MKR ethernet shield "ground".

Also, I have 3 output LEDs as indication for system if working at startup, the second as an indication once the GSM is connected, and the third for Modbus TCP once connected to Modbus TCP server.

my problem, is when I power the system using the vin, it worked fine, when I connected the serial to my laptop USB it is still working but the problem once I close the serial monitor all the LEDs are off.
I removed the power supply vin and the system still powered using the USB, I removed the USB cable system if totally off.

Now, when I power the system by vin, the MKR ON led is green, the built in LED is flashing orange slowly, I tried to ping the system but failed.

I removed the vin, and I tried again by powering the system using USB, and the same thing as mentioned "MKR ON led is green, the built in LED is flashing orange slowly, I tried to ping the system but failed".

the only available solution, is by upload my sketch again.

Does my program removed the MKR flash? and why i'm getting this behavior?

I have attached images for my wiring.

thanks in advance


Resolved, the serial monitor baud rate is 1200, just I change it to 9600 or any other speed.
The problem happened when serial baud rate 1200.

it is mentioned at the device getting started page


"Opening and closing the USB Serial port at a baud rate other than 1200bps will not reset the board."

but it is just reset "restart", so why i do power off-on it didn;t load the sketch untill i uploaded again?

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