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Hey guys,
I am a beginner in Arduino, my project basically deals with a soil moisture sensor with a Node MCU and an ADS1115 (16bit). I want that the readings taken by the analog pin should be available on the Serial Port. I tried the code, it was correct but the problem was that the sensor only displayed a constant value of 32767. When I connect the sensor directly with analog pin, it works perfectly, I also cross checked the ads module, it is also working fine.
Please help me out.
Here is the code.


Maybe find an I2C scanner sketch to see that the ADS1115 is found and at what address.
You do not appear to have specified an I2C address for the ADS1115 in your sketch.
Here is one example I found:

Adafruit_ADS1115 ads(0x48 ) ;

from: http://henrysbench.capnfatz.com/henrys-bench/arduino-voltage-measurements/arduino-ads1115-module-getting-started-tutorial/


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