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Hi all, I have a Mr general robot and I'm having a problem in wiring it up to my Ardunio UNO, there was no wiring instructions in the kit,Now I have read the Mr_General I/O pin defs, not a problem where as to where each item connected to the UNO but having a problem identifying the pinouts on the main board, eg:

#define IRleft 4            // Compound Eye Left      - analog  input  A4
#define IRright 5           // Compound Eye Right     - analog  input  A5       
#define IRup 6              // Compound Eye Up        - analog  input  A6
#define IRdown 7            // Compound Eye Down      - analog  input  A7
#define IRleds 2            // Compound Eye LEDs      - digital output D2

#define neckleftrightpin 5  // PAN  Servo             - digital output D5
#define neckupdownpin 6     // TILt Servo             - digital output D6
#define leftmotorpin 9      // Left  Motor Servo      - digital output D9
#define rightmotorpin 10    // Right Motor Servo      - digital output D10

#define rightfrontsenpin 3  // Front Right Sensor     - analog  input  A3
#define leftfrontsenpin 2   // Front Left  Sensor     - analog  input  A2
#define leftrearsenpin 1    // Rear  Left  Sensor     - analog  input  A1
#define rightrearsenpin 0   // Rear  Right Sensor     - analog  input  A0

#define rightfrontLED 7     // Front Right  LEDs      - digital output D7
#define leftfrontLED 8      // Front Left   LEDs      - digital output D8
#define leftrearLED 3       // Rear  Left   LEDs      - digital output D3
#define rightrearLED 4      // Rear  Right  LEDs      - digital output D4

What are the header numbers for the above?

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,




This page has a schematic showing where each of the connections appear on the Mr General board.
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Thanks for that, might even get it working now



Ok have another question, the diagram is for a Mr General with the ATmega8A chip, I'm using the Adrunio Uno board which i think has diferent pin layout, can anyone help with that layout.

Thanks Trevor


The Uno doesn't have enough analog pins to support that layout. The Uno has six analog inputs, and you'll need eight, in order to connect the four photo transistors from the compound eye, and the four LDRs for the corner sensors.

You'll need to either use an Arduino Mega, or add an analog multiplexer, such as the 74HC4067, to expand the number of analog inputs available to you.

The Arduino uses very straightforward pinout identification, and what you posted shows exactly what to connect (except for the fact there is no analog A6 or A7 on an Uno). Read up on the hardware reference at


as it explains what all the pins do, and how they are named.

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