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Hi, I am looking for someone to write some code for me, I  am at a loss at understanding.


Here is its job:

I will be using the screen for a touch interface,

Speed: ( this needs to adjust how fast the motor turns)

Length: ( this needs to adjust how long a relay is triggered) Varying from 4" up to 20"

Purge: ( this needs to trigger the same relay when pressed and held)

Start:( this needs to start the function)

I will be using a tb6600 Driver to power a nema motor on a rail. it will have a limit switch in the back.

Basically, when the start button is pressed, it should move the motor  and enable the relay until the defined length is met, in which releases the relay and the motor hits the limit switch and goes back to the front.

If possible, I would also like to include a Temperature and humidity sensor to display real time on the screen as well.


How much of it is ready? Do you have the touch screen and related graphics done?
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