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Topic: new ArduinoOTA library for SAMD, nRF5 and ATmega with >=64kB flash (Read 369 times) previous topic - next topic


This library allows to update sketch over WiFi or Ethernet.

It is an enhancement of the Arduino WiFi101OTA library

Supported networking libraries are: Ethernet, WiFi101, WiFiNINA, WiFiLink, UIPEthernet

remote upload from IDE with SDStorage or InternalStorage

Arduino SAMD boards are supported 'out of the box'.

ATmega boards require to flash a modified Optiboot bootloader for flash write operations.

hope for the support of STM32 soon. and maybe a support for WiFiEsp(AT) library.

available in Library Manager



esp8266 and esp32 support added for 1.0.1

before you ask :-). to upload over Ethernet or UIPEthernet, but it works with native WiFi too
uploads SPIFFS as well

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