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I am working on a project that involves sending and receiving serial data to/from two Arduino Uno 3's and an Arduino Mega 2560. My laptop only has two USB ports, so I would have to use a USB hub to get enough ports- but I've had issues in the past with getting my laptop to recognize Arduinos that are attached to an external USB hub.

I've heard people mention that getting a USB hub that is powered externally could remedy the issue, though I'm not sure how it would. Has anyone had experience with sending and receiving serial data to/from an Arduino board plugged into a USB hub?

Any input or suggestion would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much.



I use all my Arduinos exclusively with a USB hub and have no problems. Powered hubs ensure that the hub can provide the necessary current to each USB port, which may be helpful if you are connecting something with a higher current draw to it.

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