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Topic: How to easily pulse 30 v , and then swap polarity and pulse again, in a loop? (Read 132 times) previous topic - next topic


I am experimenting with a project, and I am not skilled with electronics design.

I like to install an approx 30 volt AC trafo, control it with programmed Arduino Uno so it can do the following:

rectify the power to 30v DC and initiate a pulse with a given length. Then disconnect, and then pulse again with opposite polarity. Then disconnect and pulse with correct polarity. And so forth.

I can, of course, do this with relays but it will be worn out after a short time.

Is there someone who could give me a proposal of a simple design avoiding the relays?


sounds like you need a H Bridge driver (module) like this:

You will have to find one that fits your current requirements. 
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