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there is no questions. Want to show my latest project, still in progress:





Very nice start.  You have quite the adventure ahead of you.


I am curious what will be hanging off of the upper assembly, the piece that rotates back and forth in your video.
If it is to be an arm, I would worry about the torque breaking the servo output shaft that appears to be the only thing attached to the upper assembly.
Most robotic type servo mounts have a second bearing to greatly reduce this force.


As vinceherman man said.
it ma be all balanced and easy to move now but once you start adding over hang and weight to that over hang it will get...  wonky.. i guess lol.

are you going to use a bearing system to help with this. if so what system will you use?



on the platform will be double transmission ratio for arms. Also in Arduino i'm just writing the code for starting and braking ramp. So in next two weeks should be one more step further :)

I know I'm at such a point that  problems come out from everywhere in this project  ;)


You need something like a lazy susan bearing on the rotating base.  Otherwise, it may bend the shaft.


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So next step done-

remark: Jittering caused by wheeled shelf.
Next will be inverse kinematics. Planar at least.

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