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If I have an UNO, can I use a RBBB (with the ATmega328 ) and swap chips with the UNO to program the chip from the RBB?  There's a difference in the bootloader (RBBB has the Diecimila bootloader) on it but I'm not sure what that really means in terms of doing it.

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I would be very surprised if you had problems after swapping the processors.

You will need to select the board based on the the bootloader ... Select Diecimila when using the Uno with the RBBB processor.

Or, if you don't want to remember which processor is installed in the Uno, you could burn the same bootloader on both processors.


If you decide to do that, you're suggested to bootload the diecimila with the latest UNO bootloader.
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I think I'll try burning the UNO bootloader to it.   Thanks

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