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Hey guys,

I bought an UNO clone a few months back, but I can't remember where and which model. What I like about this model are the thru holes before the headers.

Picture here

Can someone tell me where to find such model?

Thank you


I do think that's a nice modification. That actually qualifies the board as a "derivative", rather than a clone. You should be able to find boards like that on eBay, Aliexpress, Amazon, etc. A short while after they first hit the market, you will find that a bunch of different people are selling the same types of boards on those sites, so it's easy to find with a little bit of browsing.


I guess this is one, although it has a fixed resonator for the ATmega328 chip whereas your illustration appears to have simply pads:



You can get it cheaper directly from china - aliexpress.com/item/high-quality-One-set-UNO-R3-CH340G-MEGA328P-for-Arduino-UNO-R3-NO-USB-CABLE/32697443734.html

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