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Hello guys one doubt I`d like to acquire the Create Service for me, I`m only an single user, and I cannot purchase the service from Chrome Store cause the button buy is blocked/not enabled.

What to do.



From https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/arduino-create/dcgicpihgkmccjigalccipmjlnjopdfe:
** If the "Try now" or "Buy" button is disabled and you are in a school environment, please using the following page to purchase an education subscription: https://create.arduino.cc/plans/chrome-app **
There is a special Arduino Create Chrome app version for schools, so if you're accessing the Chrome Web Store from a education network you will be blocked from purchasing the standard version of the app.


I find it weird that an open-source company has the gall to charge users of ChromeBooks any fee at all.  If I use your system from a Mac or Windows or linux machine, I don't have to pay.  I was hoping to use ChromeBooks for my summer programming classes, but I will skip that and just buy a few used laptops.  And use the desktop IDE.  Trying to get a school system to commit to ANY amount, even $0.20/student/month, is a near-impossible task.  It is even harder to get a nonprofit community outreach organization (where I'm going to teach) to make such a commitment.  I think this is not the effect you should be looking for.


I couldn't agree more with this. I happen to be the only one in my classroom unable to use the Arduino services as I use a Pixelbook. And I am the teacher! My school is not going to go through the purchasing process when my students are already using the editor for free on their own laptops. Why is it that I should have to pay just because I use a Chromebook? And even if I do have to pay, why is there no option for me to buy my own license?


@flounder and mattlewis

Create uses special servers and very high bandwidth.
This comes at a premium price which cannot by itself be recovered without plastering it with adverts and such.

It is possible to set up your own CREATE server that does not rely on the facilities that Arduino provide at a minimal cost.
It does however expect you to be conversant with a network, network security and the use of a server.

The server itself for a small group does not have to be super fancy or even super fast.

There is a repo on GITHUB if you are at all interested.


ps. I don't work for Arduino and am just another Arduino user.

It may not be the answer you were looking for but its the one I am giving based on either experience, educated guess, google (who would have thunk it ! ) or the fact that you gave nothing to go with in the first place so I used my wonky crystal ball.

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